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WWE Raw Results January 8 2018

Recap WWE Raw Results January 8 2018 How will Alexa Bliss bounce back from her defeat to Asuka

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How a Day WWE Wrestlers Fans, Welcome to another episode of WWE Raw Results. This page is the Hub for you to know everything you need to know about WWE Raw Results January 8, 2018. Lets Recap Great moment and Highlights of this show.

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How will Alexa Bliss bounce back from her defeat to Asuka?

In a WrestleMania worthy match, Asuka defeated Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss,  a victory that undoubtedly earned Asuka a title opportunity at some point in the near future.

Asuka is one of 30 competitors in the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match, who’s going to considering the Superstars who have already declared for First-Ever Royal Rumble Match.

  • How will Little Miss Bliss assert her dominance over the division?

The Miz is ready for his close-up

The Miz has walked with Elias. however, Will Miz set his sights on the Intercontinental Championship he lost to Roman Reigns, or will his attention shift to the Royal Rumble Match.

When his hand goes up, our mouths might actually go shut on Monday Night Raw.

WWE Raw Results Live Match Card

  1. The Bálor Club vs Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan
  2. Sasha Banks & Bayley vs Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville
  3. Matt Hardy vs Curt Hawkins
  4. Cedric Alexander vs WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore
  5. Titus Worldwide vs Cesaro & Sheamus
  6. Braun Strowman attacked Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and Kane
  7. Samoa Joe vs Rhyno
  8. Nia Jax attacked Asuka

This is this Week’s raw Results If you miss lasts Raw then go through this links hear.

Sasha Banks & Bayley vs Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville

Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville are in the spotlight in a Six-Woman Tag Team Match last week, but the two young Superstars are on Paige just yet.

Facing Sasha Banks & Bayley, Rose & Deville looked impressive, but their inexperience made them casting with Paige to take advantage of First-Ever Women Royal Rumble Match.

In today’s match, Rose & Deville asserted themselves against The Boss while keeping Bayley isolated on the apron. At last, Boss used her Ultimate submission move on the Mandy Rose, which makes her to tape.

Match Winner:

Sasha Banks and Bayley Via Submission to Mandy Rose.

Match Grade:


WWE Raw Results Live Today Jan 8, 2018, Matt Hardy vs Curt Hawkins

Hardy already has his eye on 29 more potential deletions, including Men’s Royal Rumble Match.

After Hardy Finishing Curt Hawkins, Bray Wyatt appeared in the center of the ring. These two psychos have laughed in each other’s faces in an otherwise silent confrontation.

Bray Wyatt also Announced himself to the Men’s Royal Rumble match 2018. he announced and appeared from the ring, Such a strange character Theas are.

Match Winner:

Matt Hardy defeated Curt Hawkins via Pinfall.

Match Grade:


The Miz returned and set his sights on the Intercontinental Championship

The miz is back with Miz TV, he sed that he is back to take his championship back from Roman Reigns, go and watch this video for more details.

WWE Raw Results January 8 2018: Cedric Alexander vs WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore

At the starting of the match, Cedric Alexander totally dominates Enzo AmoreEnzo ran from him to save himself. But at one point he shoved Alexander off the top rope to the floor to give himself a ground-and-pound advantage.

Alexander totally destroyed Enzo and make his Leg injury on the ringside. A final match is ended with 10 counts and Alexander picks the win.

Match Winner:

Alexander via Disqualification

Match Grade:


WWE Raw Results Live Today Jan 8, 2018: Apollo Crews & Titus vs Cesaro & Sheamus

Cesaro & Sheamus may have successfully set they rematch for the WWE Tag Team Championships at Royal Rumble with Kurt Angle.

Raw General Manager Kurt Angle also set another match for them and that was with Apollo Crews & Titus O’Neil which make three-time Raw Tag Team Champions upset.

O’Neil & Crews struggled to get out of the blocks against The Bar. Crews were brutalized by Cesaro & Sheamus, though he also allowed O’Neil the opportunity to score the upset win when he hit a Moonsault off the apron that both dodged a Brogue Kick and took out an interfering Cesaro.

Braun Strowman attacked Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and Kane

Last week, Braun Strowman told Kane that he was in the Triple Threat Match against Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble. This week he animosity continued to brew between The Brock Lesnar and The Kane, Strowman picked his opportunity to strike.

Tonight, When The Beast at the top of the stage and brawling with Kabe into the backstage area at which point Strowman trucked them both.

Braun Strowman threw Lesnar clean across the hallway, smashed Kane with a road crate and produced a grappling hook that he used to pull the backstage rigging down on both of his opponents.

The attack led The Beast loaded in an ambulance to take him to a local medical facility while Kane hobbled away with an injured leg.

WWE Raw Results January 8 2018, Samoa Joe vs Rhyno

After Last week fight with Braun Strowman in an attempt to show Slater the way, The Rhyno squared off with The Samoan Submission Machine to demonstrate his courage to The One-Man Band.

Samoa Joe finish this match in 2 minutes and labeled Roman Reigns win over him as a Pyrrhic triumph that Joe would follow up on when the time was right. However, Samoa Joe has announced his entry on the Men’s Royal Rumble Match, targeting John Cena particular.

WWE Raw Results January 8 2018, Nia Jax attacked Asuka

Alexa Bliss couldn’t get Nia Jax on her back against Asuka last week. But Nia Jax made a statement to the Asuka when she attacked Asuka in advance of her planned contest. Due to this attack by Nia, Asuka won a match with Jax next week.

In this week Nia also declared for the Women’s Royal Rumble Match.

The Bálor Club vs Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan

In this epic Six-Man Tag Team Match, The Bálor Club Combat for the victory by working as a group. so even when Finn found himself pummeled by Reigns, his partners were there to distract The Roman Reigns and then the match is back in control of them.

At the Key Point, Jordan rushed the ring and blinded the ref. The referee didn’t see the key tag to Romain Reigns By Set Rollins. Referee Dint allows Roman into the ring in the meanwhile, The Kingslayer was left as easy pickings for a bone-rattling Magic Killer. Then at the Ring Side Reigns dispatched Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson.

Finn Bálor takes advantage of this movement and tossed Jordan from the ring and Stricked the Rollins with a missile dropkick and chest-caving Coup for the win.

The Miz & The Miztourage dispatched the Raw Tag Team Champions before wiping Reigns out with a Skull-Crushing Finale and a Triple Powerbomb to end this Night.

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