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wwe raw results 27 november 2017 winners matches

wwe raw results 27 november 2017 winners matches

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5 Things You Need To Know about this week Raw

  1. Roman reigns Defeat Miz and becomes International champion at last week raw, now we can expect great open challenge tonight.
  2. Ambrose and Rollence can Claim Thay titles back from Cesaro and Sheamus.
  3. Paige returns back to raw with shocking entry and brings 2 new newbies to WWE RAW (Mandy Rose and Soniya Develle).
  4. All these three Taken Max all Super Stars in Last week WWE Raw AND Changed last week WWE RAW Results. let’s see what they do for tonight and who was the next target.
  5. Kain Crushed Braun Strowman’s through at Last week WWE RAW and  Stowman refused to get medical attention.

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WWE raw results 27 November 2017 : 

Earlier tonight Triple H  and Stephanie Mcmahon enter into Arena to announce matches of tonight WWE Raw, but general manager interrupts Triple H and Shane McMahon and gets fired on Triple H.

Shane McMahon Warnes Krunt angel and make Krunt to afraid to Triple H.

Jaison Jorden entrees into the ring and Warnes Triple H and Askes for a match between Jason Jorden and Triple H.

wwe raw results : Jorden and kunt angel Quotes

  • I’m general manager Hear and You are a competitor (Kunt angel).
  • Then put me in a match With Triple H tonight (Jorden).
  • Are you covered, you are off raiding to me (Jorden).
Stephanie McMahon Warnes Jorden, “my Husband is not Afraid to anyone including you and anyone in the locker room”.

Strowman comes into the ring, Triple H and Stepeni MCmaAfraid es to Strowman and goes into the locker room. Before they went announced a much between Jorden and Strowman.

Seth Rollins def Cesaro: WWE raw results 27 November 2017

  • At the starting of the match, Cesaro dominates Seth Rollins take control of the match.
  • AT the middle of the match rolling treys to take Cesaro with a cross body but Cesaro counters it with a backbreaker and goes for a pinfall. but set heals from it.
  • After a will, Seth controls Cesaro with Blockbuster and Neutrals the match.
  • seth crushes Cesaro for a will and with suicide dive, Seth dominates the match and take control of the match.
  • Seth Rollins counters with his knee and make zero down and pick the win via pinfall.
  • After pinfall Seth Rollins announce that, the shield is stronger than ever and we all are champions.

Match Grade:



Seth rolling via pinfall

Titus O’Neil vs Samoa Joe: WWE raw results 27 November 2017

  • samoa joe starts this match with his cocenic clutch but Titus counter it easily.
  • Titus dominates this match over Samoa Joe.
  • Samoa Joe struggle to fight against Titus Onio.
  • But at one point Samoa get a Chance to fight back and he used it.
  • Samoa Joe drops Titus in the ring and uses his iconic clutch to eliminate Titus via submission.
  • After Samoa Joe wins this match Samoa tries to oceanic clutch Titus again.
  • Appolo cruse fight against Samoa Joe but Samoa conic clutches Appolo Crous.
  • Samoa wins this match very easily by one iconic clutch.

Match Grade:



Samoa Joe Via Submission

Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt: WWE raw results 27 November 2017

  • Bray Wyatt completely dominate Matt Hardy.
  • Bray Wyatt crushes Matt hardy and didn’t him a chance to fight back for a will.
  • Matt Hardy tries to fight back and he wants to crush Bray but he didn’t give a chance Hardy to fight back.
  • At one point Hardy fights back counters Wyatt attack and numerals the match.
  • Wyatte completes this match with one sister Abigail.

Match Grade



Bray Wyatt via pinfall

Paige, Mandy Rose, and Sonya Deville layout Sasha Banks: WWE raw results 27 November 2017

  • Paige, Mandy Rose, and Sonya Deville attacks Bailly and another diva

  • Thay destroyed them any make Boss helpless.
  • All these three surrounded Boss and Attacks boss at a time.
  • Boss tries her level best to fight back against these three. and she fights for a will.
  • but due to numbers game Boss gets punished by these three young ladies.
  • Paige mission was completed, her targets were completely destroyed.
  • I Think Paiges next target was Nia Jax.
  • Watch above video know how desperately Boss tried to Defend.

Match Grade


Asuka vs. Dana Brooke: WWE raw results 27 November 2017

  • Asuka was really awesome.
  • she completed this match in 1 minute.
  • that’s was really great.
  • she completed this match with a single move.
  • I become Asuka fan due to this match.
  • Watch above video it was really awesome.

Match Grade:


Match Winner:

Asuka by a submission

Elias steps up to Roman Reigns: WWE raw results 27 November 2017

Quates By Romain Raigns:

  • I’m Not like The Miz, I’m fighting Champion.
  • This is my yard and this is the title.
  • So the rules are simple boys, If you want this allright step up and takr this.

  • At the starting of the match, reigns dominate the match.
  • Elish tries to dominate big dog but he can do it.
  • at one point bodalesh distract Romain reigns.
  • Elish takes it as a chance and crushed Romain and Take control of the match.
  • Elish Smashed Romain reigns of a will But big dog defends it and fights back against Elish.
  • Romain delivered a spear to Elish and pick a win via pinfall.
  • after the match, Samoa Joe crushed Romain with his iconic clutch.
  • remain become un-content.

Match GRADE:


match winner

Romain reigns via pinfall

owlets go to the topic last week Raw Results was or some I’ve enjoyed it a lot, maybe you also definitely enjoyed it, I’m waiting for this week WWE Raw Results if you also waiting for that then have this preview about match cards and Expected matches.

Topics which you find hear

  • Will Paige, Mandy Rose, and Sonya Deville’s rampage continue?

  • Will Roman Reigns Offers an open challenge for his Intercontinental Championship?
  • Can Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose reclaim the Raw Tag Team Titles?

  • How will Braun Strowman attain retribution against Kane?

Will Paige, Mandy Rose, and Sonya Deville’s rampage continue? Paige is back to wwe raw

Paige is back to WWE Raw, yes this is real she is really returned to WWE Raw last week and bring two big surprises for WWE Divas devision. She bring two NXT newbes (“Mandysacs and sonyadevillewwe”) to WWE Raw.

she tweets this on tweeter

Last week Alexa Bliss tried to meat NXT Newbies but Paige and newbies smashed Alexa Bliss, Alexa bliss trying to escape but it gets too late.  Nia Jax congratulates Paige on her retains, WWE Raw Results, WWE raw results 27 November 2017.

Nia jax “Welcome back paige, i see that you brought new friends along with you.Interesting what y’ all did last night. Too bad i dont get to welcome u and ur crew in person”.WWE Raw Results,wwe raw results 27 november 2017.


The entire WWE Universe is waiting to see what Paige, Mandy, and Sonya will do next. Who will be their next targets?

WWE Raw Results: Will Roman Reigns Offers an open challenge for his Intercontinental Championship?

Last week raw was awesome Romain reigns again proved that he is the “Big Dog” of  WWE Raw and claimed the Universal championship by defeating MIZ by a pinfall.

In an interview after the WWE RAW, The Big Dog hinted that an open challenge could be in the cards. “Anybody can get it,” Reigns told Mike Rome. He later tweeted, “Wherever I am, consider it my yard. So, if you want my title, all you have to do is step up.”

Popular champions like John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and AJ Styles have instituted open challenges in the past, and it seems like Reigns is keeping that tradition alive.

we hope that Romain reigns will challenge and offers newbies to compete against reigns.

Can Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose reclaim the Raw Tag Team Titles?


WWE Raw Results: After Dean Ambrose defeats Sheamus in one on one combat on Monday night. He and Seth Rollins made it clear that they are ready to recapture the Raw Tag Team Titles from The Celtic Warrior and Cesaro.
During Roman Reigns’ Intercontinental Title opportunity against The Miz — about The Big Dog won — the Shield brothers seem primed to put some championship gold around their own waists.
When will The Hounds of Justice get their Raw Tag Team Championship rematch?  Watch WWE Raw Live in Hd Media Hub.

How will Braun Strowman attain retribution against Kane?

wwe raw results 27 november 2017

WWE raw results 27 November 2017: After Strowman defeat Jason Jordan in survival series, Stephanie McMahon invited Kane to defeat Strowman on Monday it raw.

Kane crushed Strowman and punished him in the ring. Strowman refused to first aid after the attack of Kain. Leta sees What happen in this week Monday Nit raw.

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