WWE Raw Results 25th December 2017 Preview Winners Grades

WWE Raw Results 25th December 2017 Preview Winners Grades

WWE Raw Results 25th December 2017: This post is the hub for you to know everything you need to know about this week Monday Night Raw.

WWE Raw Preview

  • The Women’s division preparing to make history

  • How will Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins get payback for Dean Ambrose elbow injury?
  • Who will gain opportunity for a battle with The Beast

  • Who else will declare for the Men’s Royal Rumble Match?

WWE Raw Results 25th December 2017

Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali & Akira Tozawa vs Enzo Amore, Drew Gulak & Ariya Daivari (Six-Man Tag Team Miracle)

WWE Raw Results 25th December 2017: Enzo, Drew Gulak Ariya Daivari dressed up as Santa and his elves. With the exception of a stint from Enzo that put Tozawa on the defensive.

The match came down to Enzo Amore and Alexander, while Gulak interfered to save Enzo from Alexander. But he wasn’t saved, Amore, Alexander delivered  Lumber Check to Gulak to take victory over Enzo Amore, Drew Gulak & Ariya Daivari.

Match Winners:

Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali & Akira Tozawa take Victory via Pinfall

Match Grade:


Matt Hardy attacked Bray Wyatt

WWE Raw Results 25th December 2017: Bray Wyatt made his way to the ring, He surprised when Matt Hardy appeared in the flesh behind him and attacked. Hardy narrowly missed on a Twist of Fate, but he sent The Eater of Worlds running for cover all the same.

Wyatt escaped from him and Saved Himself.

Finn Balor vs Curt Hawkins

Kane vs Heath Slater

WWE Raw Results 25th December 2017: On Last week Raw, Kurt Angle told Heath Slater & Rhyno they needed to toughen up if they wanted to keep receiving opportunities on Raw. which The Man Beast took to mean his partner needed to be put through the ringer a bit.

Match Grade:


Absolution vs Sasha Banks, Bayley & Mickie James

WWE Raw Results 25th December 2017: The announcement of the Women’s Royal Rumble Match Boosted fighting spirit in all Devas and united everyone to making history.

But that was last week, and now, Paige and her recruits formally dispatched Sasha Banks, Bayley & Mickie James in a victory several weeks in the making.

It was a breakout effort for both young Superstars(Mandy and Rose), as Devilles.

Rose isolated Banks with clotheslines and submissions. A quick recovery by The Boss, Paige into the fray against Bayley, but Absolution saved her from a Bayley-to-Belly pinfall.

Finally, Paige delivered rampage to Bayley to take victory over.


Paige take victory for thay team via pinfall

Match Grade:


Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan vs Cesaro & Sheamus

WWE Raw Results 25th December 2017: Kurt Angle was concerned, given that Cesaro & Sheamus keep running interference for The Joe.

The Kunt Angle put the Raw Tag Team Titles on the line, and that gambit paid off in something of a Christmas miracle, a gift to two Superstars (Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan) who needed a big win.

Rollins has hesitated to team with Jordan, it seemed as though The Kingslayer’s fears would prove to be well-founded.

Rollins’ last interference, in which he threw Sheamus into the steel steps. Cesaro blasted The Rollins with a running European uppercut.

Jordan takedown Cesaroc with Angle Slam-neck breaker hybrid and land the unlikely duo their first Tag Team Championship together.

He had raised Rollins earlier in the night by claiming Raw Tag Team Titles, he’d be a better partner to Rollins than Dean Ambrose.

John Cena vs Elias

After John Cena arrived at the first-ever live Raw on Christmas to give a young fan the shirt off his back. He wished WWE Univers marry Christmas and they also wish back to him.

“Merry Christmas baby its Elias”

Elias decided to interrupt Cena for performing on Christmas special Raw. Cena, surprisingly, decided to play ball and walk with Elias, Elias Decided to play a song, until he took a few too many digs and Cena called him a “jerk” in response.

When Elias’ heart was about to grow three sizes, he dropped Cena with a punch to the face and challenged him to a match that Kurt Angle sanctioned on the spot.

Cena was powerless to stop Elias, Elias takes Down Cena with body blows and Powerslam that sent him flying across the ring.

It was an impressive performance by Elias. But Cena turned the tide almost instantly, administering the shoulder tackles, spinning slam, Five-Knuckle Shuffle and, finally that was the end the match.

Jon Cena takes victory over Elise in this Arina where he made his first Debut.

Match Winner:

Jon Cena Via pinfall

Match Grade:


Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe

The good news for Joe is that Reigns still hasn’t beaten him one-on-one. The bad news is that The Samoa Joe missed out on the Intercontinental Title.

Roman Reigns burst of excessive aggression forced the ref to call off the match and award the disqualification win to Joe. It’s difficult to blame Reigns for the outburst, as Joe’s self-proclaimed “systematic destruction of The Shield” tore Dean Ambrose’s triceps tendon last week.

Dean Ambrose goes for bed rest up to nine months and Reigns picked up the torch in truly brutal fashion. Roman Reigns came out swinging, forcing Joe into the uncommon position of fighting from underneath.

Samoa Joe totally dominates reigns and destroyed his arm.

The Reigns fought back with one good arm to force Joe into the corner, but once the champion threw the ref out of his way to continue his assault, he was disqualified.

Joe narrowly avoided Reigns’ home-run swing with a steel chair, but the damage may well have been done. Somewhere, Ambrose is most likely smiling. In the backstage area, Seth Rollins was naturally smiling to this act. He was pretty happy for this happen to Joe.

Match Winner:

Samoa Joe Take victory vis disqualification

Match Grade:


Braun Strowman vs The Miztourage

What happened next was both predictable and utterly satisfying for any Superstar who wanted to see The Miztourage suffer, as Braun Strowman systematically destroyed both Superstars with a Running Powerslam for the win. Having dispatched two Superstars tonight, the question remains:

Are Brock Lesnar and Kane next at Royal Rumble?

Asuka declared for the Women’s Royal Rumble Match

Alexa Bliss has had a historically good year by anybody’s standards, starting 2017 as SmackDown Women’s Champion and ending it as Raw Women’s Champion.

it’s easy to see why Five Feet of Fury saw herself as the worst woman on the Team Red roster.

That is until Asuka came calling. She is the first female Raw Superstar to declare for the Women’s Royal Rumble Match. Watch the above Video for More Details.

John Cena returns to Monday night raw on a special Christmas show

WWE Raw Results 25th December 2017

Free agent John Cena returns to WWE Raw. After fighting for SmackDown LIVE at Survivor Series, John Cena returns to Raw special Christmas celebration in Chicago.

In this City, he made his WWE debut against Kurt Angle in 2002.

What holiday cheer does the Jone Cena have in store?

The Women’s division prepares to make history

When Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon announced that the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match on Sunday, Jan. 28. granting the winner a championship opportunity at WrestleMania 34.

Will new Superstars declare for first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match?

Such questions will be answered Christmas night.

Who will gain opportunity for a battle with The Beast

After Kurt Angle announced last Monday that Brock Lesnar (c) will defend his title against  Braun Strowman and Kane in a Triple Threat Match at the Royal Rumble event.

The Brock Lesnar (c) laid out both challenges, but neither stayed down for long.

Both challenges are looking for a chance to Destroy Brock Lesnar (c) and to grab his Championship.

Who will face the Braun Strowman and Kane on Raw?

How will Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins get payback for Dean Ambrose elbow injury?

Samoa Joe’s assault in the trainer’s room exacerbated Dean Ambrose’s arm injury, requiring Ambrose to undergo surgery to repair the damage.

Both Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns clearly want a piece of  Samoa Joe after he put their Shield-brother on the shelf.

Who will get their hands on Joe first?

Who else will declare for the Men’s Royal Rumble Match?

Elias was the first Superstar to announce his participation in the 2018 Men’s Royal Rumble Match.

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