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Paisa Vasool is a 2017 Telugu action comedy film produced by V. Anand Prasad under Bhavya Creations banner and directed by Puri Jagannadh. It stars Nandamuri Balakrishna, Shriya Saran, Vikramjeet Virk, Musskan Sethi in the lead roles and music composed by Anup Rubens. The film marks Nandamuri Balakrishna’s 101st film on the big screen, and he has for the first time sung a special song in this film with his own voice. The film received and average response from critics and audiences, and was an average grosser at the box office.


  1. Bob Marley, a Mafia don operating from Portugal, controls Hyderabad remotely using his agents.
  2. Unable to bear his atrocities of, India’s premier intelligence agency RAW Chief looks for a self-proclaimed criminal through a local IPS Officer ACP Kiranmayi.
  3. She finds a deadly gangster Theda Singh who has just been released from Tihar Jail.
  4. Meanwhile, Singh joins as a neighbor of a beautiful girl Harika who is in search of her missing sister Sarika, in Portugal. Harika lodges a complaint regarding this with the authorities, leading to her safety being threatened by Bob Marley’s associates in Hyderabad.
  5. Theda Singh always protects her from them, so she starts falling for him. Suddenly, the RAW authorities are in for a shock when they realize that Theda Singh is not what he appears to be, he has recently landed from Portugal.
  6. Harika also comes to know that Sarika was murdered in Portugal and the killer is non-other than Theda Singh.
  7. Indian Police Authority arrests Theda Singh, in the interrogation, he reveals the flashback.
  8. Theda Singh, a cab driver in Portugal, who is no less than a rogue who participates in petty smuggling activities.
  9. He once meets Sarika as a passenger, who is a journalist and has been doing a sting operation on Bob Marley. Both of them fell in love.
  10. Bob Marley comes to know regarding Sarika’s operation which divulges secrets of so many Indian politicians and professionals.
  11. So, they try to kill her, Theda Singh arrives on time where real suspense is revealed that Theda Singh is a true RAW officer Balakrishna Nandamuri that has been granted the license to kill, who was appointed to kill Bob Marley.
  12. In that attack, Sarika is deeply injured. Once Balakrishna is trying to kill Bob Marley he gets a command from higher authorities to leave him and has to do so.
  13. And Sarika dies in his laps before dying she asks him to take care of her family.
  14. In that depression and hatred on the department, he creates an image that he has died.
  15. RAW Chief starts to meet him but he is attacked by gangsters because he is the only person knowing the identity of Balakrishna and who has been collapsed.
  16. To find the truth the single way is to conduct a re-interview of him which he successfully completes and rejoins the duty.
  17. Meanwhile, RAW chief recovers and orders Balakrishna to kill Bob Marley.
  18. Finally, he replies he already finished him on the next day of Sarika’s death, only the Indian politicians and gangsters created an image that he is alive until the date and he eliminates them also. At last, he goes to the next mission.

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