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Next Nuvve Full Movie Download: Next Nuvve is a 2017 Telugu Movie, Written and directed by Prabhakar and jointly produced by K. E. Gnanavel Raja, Bunny Vas under shit creations. It futures Aadi, Vaibhavi, Brahmaji, Rashmi Gautam in the lead roles. Next Nuvve movie makers also hired Kartik Palani for Cinematography, S. B. Uddhav for editing this movie.

Cast & Crew
Vaibhavi ShandilyaSmita
Rashmi GautamRashmi
L. B. SriramGhost Lover
Srinivas AvasaralaYounger Ghost Lover
Jaya Prakash Reddy 


  1. Kiran, a TV serial director loses a lot of money after his serial is shelved and is in deep debts.
  2. He along with his girlfriend Smita want to convert his ancestral palace in Araku Valley into a resort and make money to clear their debts.
  3. He takes the help of Sarath and his sister Rashmi in converting the palace into a resort.
  4. The guests coming to their resort mysteriously die.
  5. They dig graves and cover them up.
  6. A laborer complains to the police that he observed that they are digging the ground multiple times.
  7. He finds this suspicious and thinks that they are searching for some treasure underground.
  8. When Kiran is questioned by the police, he tells them that his guests mysteriously die.
  9. The police check check-in register and find the names.
  10. However, the police tell him that all these people had already died years before.
  11. Kiran comes to the palace and informs others that the guests already died years before.
  12. Meanwhile, they encounter an old man who tells them that this palace is haunted by a devil and it will kill whoever buys the palace, indicating the Kiran will be next.
  13. In the end, while the devil is about to kill Kiran, goon along with his gang enters.
  14. He forcefully takes the property from Kiran, although Kiran tries to convince him.
  15. While Kiran and others come out of the palace guests started going inside.
  16. The story ends with the goon and his squad joining the guest’s line, implies the ghost killed them.

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