Nenu Sailaja

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On this, we are going to share 31 sites link to for Nenu Sailaja Telugu Movie Download, Nenu Sailaja is a 2016 Telugu Movie, written and directed by  Kishore Tirumala and produced by Sravanthi Ravi Kishore under Sri Sravanthi Movies. It futures Ram Pothineni, Keerthy Suresh in lead roles, while Sathyaraj, Rohini, Dhanya Balakrishna played supporting roles. Nenu Sailaja movie makers also hired Devi Sri Prasad for music composing, Sameer Reddy for Cinematography and  Sreekar Prasad editing the movie.

Cast & Crew
Ram PothineniHari
Keerthy SureshSailaja
SathyarajSrinivasa Rao
RohiniSailaja’s mother
Dhanya BalakrishnaKeerthi
VijayakumarSailaja’s grandfather
Pradeep RawatMaharshi
PrinceSailaja’s brother
NareshHari’s father


  1. The film starts with Hari sitting by the beach, thinking of love and its consequences.
  2. Starting from his childhood, Hari used to propose to every girl that he came across but was turned down every time.
  3. He grows up and becomes a DJ. He lives with his father, mother and twin sister Swecha.
  4. He still tries to woo every girl he comes across but fails. To overcome this depression, he sits with his best friend by the lighthouse in Vizag beach and they see a couple which infuriates him.
  5. He then starts drinking with his friend and shares memories of his 1st love in the village with a girl where Hari was staying before his father was transferred to Vizag.
  6. Hari, in an inebriated condition, is about to fall into the sea. But he is saved by Shailu.
  7. Hari asks her to drop him home as he has no money or vehicle to get home. Shailu offers to lift but drops him in the middle as she thinks he is trying to woo her and even doesn’t tell him her name when asked by Hari.
  8. He then tells his friend that if God exists, he will never meet her again. Next day in the hospital Hari encounters a young mute girl Pooja and politely asks about her name and school to which she responds by expressions.
  9. Shailu, also present in the hospital, gets impressed by Hari’s behavior and notes down his phone number when Hari gives Pooja his number.
  10. In another incident when the roads are blocked by goons in order to inaugurate a statue by the minister, Hari beats them up and gives way to a passing ambulance which again impresses Shailu who was also present there.
  11. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Shailu was the girl with whom Hari first fell in love.
  12. Meanwhile, a local rowdy Maharishi goes to Shailu’s office and threatens Keerti who is Shailu’s friend and tells her to forget her boyfriend as he is marrying someone else.
  13. Shailu then calls Hari and asks for his help. They meet and there Hari reveals his name to Shailu and Keerti.
  14. Hari devises a plan and fools Maharishi by making a woman who claims that she is his childhood lover Suchitra and Keerti is her daughter talk to him.
  15. This results in Keerti’s marriage with her lover. Hari, now fallen in love, and Shailu spend time with each other.
  16. One day he drops her from office to home when she reveals that she has to go to Goa the very next day for an ad shoot.
  17. Hari drops her at the airport by car where Shailu asks him to come to Goa along with him to which he agrees.
  18. During the ad shoot, Hari recognizes that Shailu is the girl that he had fallen in love in his childhood.
  19. They spend a good time together in Goa where Shailu tells him that the boy who lived near her house used to make her smile and today Hari is making her smile without knowing that it was Hari.

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