Nene Raju Nene Mantri

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Nene Raju Nene Mantri is a 2017 Indian Telugu political thriller film written and directed by Teja, featuring Rana Daggubati in the lead role along with Kajal Aggarwal, Catherine Tresa, and Navdeep in other important roles. Production began in April 2016 and principal photography commenced in October 2016 in Karaikudi. The teaser was released on June 6, coinciding with the 81st birthday anniversary of D. Ramanaidu, Rana’s grandfather. A special teaser celebrating 50 films of Kajal Aggarwal was released on her birthday, June 19. The film was dubbed in Hindi as Main Hi Raja Main Hi Mantri, Tamil as Naan Aanaiyittaal and Malayalam as Raaja Kireedam with some scenes re-shot with local actors.


  1. A love triangle between Jogendra, Radha and Devika. With certain plot twists and turns, the movie is engaging and lives up to the expectation of Nene Raja Nene Mantri.
  2. A political movie which shows how an ordinary money lender enters politics then what he does for power.
  3. In the meantime how he is affected by emotions.
  4. Jogendra and Radha are happily married, however, they do not have any children.
  5. When they are finally blessed and Radha gets pregnant, they are overjoyed.
  6. When they go to the temple to pray for the well-being of the baby, Radha lights a holy lamp.
  7. The leader of the village they live in comes along to the temple with his wife, his wife sees that Radha lit the lamp and becomes infuriated as she is always the one who does it.
  8. She pushes Radha down the steps of the temple and Radha has a miscarriage.
  9. Both Radha and Jogendra are dismayed, Jogendra goes to the leader’s house and persuaded him to let him join in his political campaign, Jogendra cleverly wins and this angers the leader.
  10. The leader tried to kill him but Jogendra shoots him when he mentions that he will also kill Radha.

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