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On this we are going to share 31 sites link to for Oxygen Full Movie Download, Oxygen is a 2017 Telugu Movie, written and directed by A. M. Jyothi Krishna and jointly produced by S. Aishwarya
and A. M. Rathnam. It futures Gopichand, Raashi Khanna, Anu Emmanuel in the lead roles while Jagapati Babu in a crucial supporting role. Oxygen movie makers also hired Yuvan Shankar Raja for composing music, Chota K. Naidu for Cinematography, and S.B.Uddhav for editing this movie. This movie was released on 30 November 2017 and collected 80 crores from the box office.

Cast & Crew
GopichandMajor Sanjeev
Raashi KhannaShruti
Anu EmmanuelGeetha
Jagapati BabuRaghupati
Ashish VidyarthiCBI Officer
Sayaji ShindeVeerabhadram
Milind GunajiMajor General 
Abhimanyu SinghChalapathi
Chandra MohanSanjeev’s father
SudhaSanjeev’s mother
Vennela KishoreAakash
SitharaRaghupati’s wife
PrabhakarCaptain Satyaveer
Raghu Babubrother-in-law
Amit TiwariCaptain Amith
SravanSripathi’s son


  1. The film begins with a joint family Raghupathi and his brothers Sripathi, Chalapathi, Ganapathi owners of PATHI & CO Groups.
  2. The entire family is brimful with love & affections.
  3. One after one, every person is killed in their family by unknown secret killers.
  4. To protect his daughter Shruti Raghupathi looks for an American alliance.
  5. Krishna Prasad is an NRI, who comes to India to get hooked on Sruthi.
  6. He is too good & very much kind and comes close to the family in a few days.
  7. In the beginning, Sruthi tries to avert the marriage because she doesn’t want to leave her family but later falls in his love when Krishna Prasad saves their family from their enemies.
  8. On the day of the marriage Sruthi wants to personally talk with Krishna Prasad, so, her brother Mahendra takes them to their farm where she asks Krishna Prasad to come to India leaving everything in the US for the sake and he happily agrees.
  9. Suddenly, they are attacked by unknown killers when a huge twist in the story Krishna Prasad takes the sword from Mahendra and brutally decapitates him.
  10. Thereby Sruthi goes into the shocking state where it is revealed that he is not Krishna Prasad but Sanjeev, the person who killed the other members of the family also and the secret killers are his men.
  11. Sanjeev works as a Major in the Indian Army and the two secret killers are his colleagues Captain Amith & Captain Satyaveer.
  12. Once he comes to his hometown on leave, he leads a happy life with his parents, a younger brother Ajay and his girlfriend/fiancée Geetha a microbiologist.
  13. When everything is going well a sad thing happens in the family: Ajay who is a top ranker of University is a chain smoker, and he suddenly dies out of it.
  14. Geetha catches a point through his post-mortem report that all the organs of his body are spoiled and this would happen only due to taking powerful drugs.
  15. When Sanjeev is in search he only finds a cigarette packet in Ajay’s room.
  16. After testing they find out that a heavy dose of drugs have been mixed with a new composition in the cigarette for more sales and it spread like cancer all over the country.
  17. Here Sanjeev plans an operation Oxygen to smash the brand and he successfully does so.
  18. After that Sanjeev gets ready to go back to duty, at that time he gets information that someone is enquiring regarding him & his family.
  19. Before he reaches home a shocking incident PATHI & CO brothers arrive except Raghupathi because they are the original proprietors of the brand & the persons holding the formula.
  20. They brutally kill Sanjeev’s parents.
  21. When asked about Sanjeev to Geeta, she leaks the gas killing herself and them.
  22. Now Sanjeev decides to take revenge.
  23. He also comes to know that they reintroduced the product by changing the brand name, so, his target is to destroy the formula.

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