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Mister is a 2017 Telugu action romance film directed by Srinu Vaitla. It features Varun Tej, Lavanya Tripathi and Hebah Patel in the lead roles. It had opened mixed to negative reviews from critics. It is dubbed Hindi as Daringbaaz 3 Production began in February 2016. Principal photography commenced in May 2016 in Hyderabad.


  1. The movie starts off with Rahul Vadayar finds a new hideout for his forest smuggling business to take over control on the forest he gives a hand to gundappa Naidu who is dreaming to take over power from Pichaiah Naidu who resides at a village in the midst of Andhra-Karnataka border, requesting his son K.J.Rao to send his grandson to India and Chey rejecting their parent’s proposal of him going to India and that he hates his grandfather because his first mother was died through an accident because of him.
  2. Later he is sent to the airport to receive his cousin Priya whom he has not met before. Amidst a confusion at the airport, Chey instead receives Meera and falls for her at the first sight, and brings her to his home.
  3. Later, when he reaches home, he realizes it is Meera, not Priya.
  4. Meera reveals that she has to be received at the airport from someone who works as a Museum coordinator at Spain and that she could not contact them as she has lost her phone and that she will be here for five days.
  5. The duo starts visiting all museums, and when Chey finds the Museum coordinator, he manages him to convince Meera to stay at Chey’s home.
  6. When Chey’s mother realizes his love towards Meera, she encourages him to express his love.
  7. Meera and Chey meet at Meera’s best friend Andy’s headstone where she reveals that she is in love with Siddharth, who is very much like Chey, that does everything for the family.
  8. Chey treasures Meera as his first love, and not revealing that he is in love with Meera, sends her off at the airport to India.
  9. Some days later, Chey receives a call from Meera, revealing that Siddharth has cheated her.
  10. Chey then decides to leave for India when his parents suggest him to visit his grandfather and they secretly hope for Meera to come back to him.
  11. The setting changes to India, where Chey visits Siddharth and gets to know that Meera’s brother Muthappa Gouda threatened Siddharth and his family to marry him off to another girl and that Gouda’s men are at his house and though he loves Meera very much, he is helpless.
  12. Chey convinces Siddharth and his family to escape and promises him to bring Meera along. Later, he visits Meera’s place and explains her Siddharth’s position and escapes with her.
  13. On their way to meet Siddharth, the duo encounters Chandramukhi, who is the daughter of Sri Veera Narasimha Rayalu who belongs to king Sri Krishna Devaraya’s dynasty, who runs a private government.
  14. she escapes from her marriage arranged with Rahul Vadayar who also belongs to other royal families later it reveals that he is the son of Hajarappa who is a trusted aid of Rayalu and dhewan of their palace.
  15. who is very vicious and vengeful against the royal because he killed his first son on Hajarappa’s hands-on punishment for molesting a girl.
  16. Later Chandramukhi knows about Rahul’s character and she escapes from the palace.
  17. Goons start attacking her suddenly when chey saves her and she eventually falls in love with him.
  18. It is later revealed in a flashback that, Chandramukhi has been house arrested since she was a young girl by her father and that he deeply bases all his actions based on words of Swamiji who in turn is controlled by Hajarappa.

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