Mental Madhilo

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Mental Madhilo Full Movie Download: Mental Madhilo is 2017 Telugu Movie, Written and directed by Vivek Athreya and produced by Raj Kandukuri under Dharmapatha Creations. It futures Sree Vishnu, and Nivetha Pethuraj in lead roles with Amrutha Srinivasan, Shivaji Raja, Madhumani, Raj Madiraju and Anita Chowadary in pivotal roles. Mental Madhilo movie makers also hired Prashanth R Vihari for music composing, Vedaraman S for Cinematography, and Viplav Nyshadam for editing the movie.

Cast & Crew
Sree VishnuAravind Krishna
Nivetha PethurajSwetcha
Amrutha SrinivasanRenu
Keshav DeepakManu
Kireeti DamarajuSaki
Shivaji RajaArvind Krishna’s father
MadhubaniAravind Krishna’s mother
Raj MadirajuSwetha’s father
Anita ChowadarySwetha’s mother
Dinesh KoushikaAravind’s friend


  1. Decision making? Well, that’s tough given that options before you are equally luring.
  2. That’s near to impossible for a guy, Aravind Krishna is a guy affected to Borderline personality disorder a fickle-minded person since childhood who gets confused when faced with regular options.
  3. The kind that could answer everything on a theoretical paper but returns the objective paper blank.
  4. Not just getting confused, like any one of us generally happen to be, but yearns for the option that he didn’t choose after deciding.
  5. To add to this, an incident from his 12th year makes him uncomfortable to talk to or be around girls.
  6. As he becomes older, the situation doesn’t get any better.
  7. Aravind, now 29 years old, almost gives up on the hope of getting married after messing up 12 matchmakings.
  8. Reluctantly, he attends the 13th and to his surprise, he finds himself at ease when he talks to Swetcha, a clear-headed straight forward girl in contrast to Aravind.
  9. Swetcha who sees the plainness in his heart agrees to marry him.
  10. The two spend some time together before getting engaged, as they get to know about each other they start liking each other.
  11. Being with Swetcha helps Aravind to get over his uncomfortableness with girls.
  12. While waiting on their engagement, Aravind is obliged to go to Mumbai for training.
  13. On his way, he meets a joyous and unpredictable girl, Renu, who leaves an impression during their bus journey, but disappears as he reaches Mumbai.
  14. She is a strong believer in destiny and Aravind too subconsciously starts believing in it and starts searching for her in Mumbai.
  15. The same destiny has them meet again in Mumbai and she became a roommate with Aravind along with Saki and some other friends.
  16. Meanwhile, Aravind finds himself more drawn to her as he spends more and more time with her.
  17. He became infatuated to her.
  18. One night they both had kiss later she shares her past that he had a boyfriend who died in an accident before there marriage.
  19. Then she confesses her feelings on Aravind later she Vacated the Apartment next day.
  20. The same night in the confused state of mind Aravind calls off the engagement with Swetcha then suddenly manages to it as a prank.
  21. Then on the next day, Swetcha gives a surprise visit to Mumbai. She befriended with all of his friends.

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