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Kshanam Full Movie Download

On this, we are going to share 31 sites link to for Kshanam Telugu Movie Download, Kshanam is a 2016 Telugu Movie, written and directed by Ravikanth Perepu and produced by PVP cinema. It futures Adivi Sesh and Adah Sharma in lead roles and Anasuya Bharadwaj, Vennela Kishore, Satyam Rajesh, Satyadev Kancharana, and Ravi Varma appearing in supporting roles. Kshanam movie makers also hired  Sricharan Pakala for music composing, Shaneil Deo for Cinematography, and Arjun Shastri, Ravikanth Perepu for editing the movie. The film was remade in Tamil as Sathya (2017) and in Hindi as Baaghi 2.

Cast & Crew
Adivi SeshRishi
Adah SharmaSwetha
Anasuya BharadwajJaya Bharadwaj
Ravi VarmaBobby
Satyadev KancharanaKarthik
Amit SachdevCommissioner Lucknow
Satyam RajeshRavi Chowdary
Vennela KishoreBabu Khan
Ravi Raja MaguluriAssassin
Uma Akkineni 


  1. Rishi, a San Francisco-based investment banker, gets a voice call from his ex-lover Shweta. They studied medicine in the same college and wanted to marry, but her father arranged an alliance with an entrepreneur named Karthik.
  2. Rishi leaves for India with the pretence of attending a marriage in their relatives’ household. He takes a car for hire from Babu Khan, a travel agent.
  3. Rishi also takes a SIM card on his sister’s address and stays at Hotel Marriott. Rishi meets Shweta at a restaurant and learns her five-year-old daughter Ria is missing.
  4. Things went worse when none except Shweta believes that Ria actually exists. He also learns about Karthik’s brother Bobby, a drug addict who regularly visits her home.R
  5. ishi begins an informal investigation which fails many times, but Babu saves him. Posing as Vasanth Khanna, a police officer, Rishi meets Karthik and learns that the couple was childless.
  6. Karthik recalls Shweta being attacked by two masked men to steal her car. He added that Shweta went into a coma and post-recovery started telling that she had a five-year-old daughter named Ria.
  7. Perplexed, Rishi later watches a closed-circuit television video footage of the masked men attacking Shweta on the day when Ria went missing.
  8. Ria is seen nowhere in the footage, which makes Rishi doubt Shweta’s mental condition. He confronts Shweta, who refuses to acknowledge that Ria is imaginary.
  9. Rishi sees height markings of a child on a wall and before he could react, Shweta commits suicide.
  10. ACP Jaya and Inspector Ravi Chowdary investigate the suicide case. Khanna is killed in Marriott, and Khan confesses to Rishi that he saw Bobby kidnapping Ria.
  11. They meet Jaya and Chowdary and get Bobby killed by Jaya. The same night, Khanna’s murderers attack Khan and Rishi, and Khan is killed.
  12. Rishi watches a MMS in the murderers’ phone sent by Jaya instructing to kill him. Rishi meets Jaya at her farmhouse where Ria is hidden.
  13. Jaya reveals that Karthik wanted to kill Ria and arranged the attack, after which she found Ria in Bobby’s custody.
  14. Karthik wanted Shweta to suffer; he convincedhis friends and family to pretend Ria never existed, saying Shweta cannot bear the shock of her daughter’s death.

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