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Gunturodu is a 2017 Telugu action comedy film, produced by Sree Varun Atluri on Claps & Whistles Entertainments banner and directed by S.K. Satya. Starring Manchu Manoj, Pragya Jaiswal in the lead roles and music composed by DJ Vasanth. The film was later dubbed into Hindi as Zinda Hoon Main for television release on Zee Cinema on 16 March 2018.


  1. Kanna is a slacker of Guntur, who passes the time hanging out with his group of friends.
  2. So, his father Suryanarayana decides to get him married to set him on the right path.
  3. After his engagement, Kanna falls in love with his fiancĂ©e’s friend Amrutha, so he creates a mess and cancels the engagement.
  4. After a few funny incidents, Amrutha also begins to love him.
  5. Seshu is a leading criminal lawyer who is a highly short-tempered and egoistic person.
  6. One day, at a party, a tiff arises and Kanna beats up Seshu after Seshu asks Kanna and his friends to vacate the party.
  7. Since Kanna has cake cream on his face they don’t recognize him.
  8. Seshu orders his men to find out and kill him at any cost.
  9. Things become complicated day by day when Seshu starts targeting Kanna & his father Suryanarayana.
  10. The situation becomes even more chaotic when Kanna comes to know Amrutha happens to be Seshu’s sister.
  11. Rest of the story is how Kanna escapes from Seshu’s target and succeeds in his love.

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