Patta Pagalu Cast, Budget, Hit or Flop, Release Date, Boxoffice Collections & More

Patta Pagalu is a Telugu movie, Which is written and directed by Ram Gopal Varma. This Movie unreleased and shelved off film. This Movie was produced by Rajasekhar.

Patta Pagalu Cast

  • Rajasekhar
  • Swati Dixit
  • Ahuti Prasad
  • Tanikella Bharani

Patta Pagalu Budget

Raja Sekhar was the producer of this movie. He produced this movie with 11 Crores. He planning to release this movie in Telugu and Hindi at a time.

Patta Pagalu Release Date

Raja Shekar was supposed to release this movie last year around May, but it still hasn’t seen the light of day. According to industry gossips, RGV is not interested in the film and after it was completed, he handed it over to Rajasekhar.

They wanted to re-shoot some scenes but RGV was not interested. So the film is lying at the lab,” adds the source. Rajasekhar too is not showing much interest in releasing the film as he wants to come back with a big film.

Patta Pagalu Hit or Flop

This movie was not released yet, let us wait and see what is this movie faith at the box office.


The storyline of this movie: The story revolves around Rajasekhar and his happy family. Their lives are disturbed when his teenage daughter is possessed by an evil spirit.

The story explores whether or not the doting father is able to save his daughter’s life.

Boxoffice Collections

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