Manikarnika Budget, Hit or Flop, Star Cast, Release Date, Collections and Everything You Need To Know

Manikarnika Budget, Hit or Flop, Star Cast, Release Date, Collections and Everything You Need To Know

Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi is an upcoming Indian epic biographical film based on the life of Rani Jhansi Laxmibhai. This Movie was written by K. V. Vijayendra Prasad and directed by Krish.

Gender: Epic Biographic Film.

Producers: Zee Studios, Kamal Jain, Nishant Pitti.

Editors: Suraj Jagtap and Rama Krishna Arram

The producer also held a press conference, along with the representatives of the Sarv Brahmin Mahasabha to allay their apprehensions.

Who is Manikarnika

According to Indian Express, Manikarnika was Born in Varanasi in a Maharashtrian Brahman family of Moropant Tambe, in November 1835. She was the original name of Laxmibai, who took the latter name, upon her marriage to the Maharaja of Jhansi.

Her father was a courtier and adviser to the Peshwa of Bithur which is why her childhood was spent in the palace. But as a child, she was indeed Manikarnika, who learned not only to read and write, including reading the Vedas and Puranas, but also riding and sword fighting. Read More

Manikarnika Budget

Kangana Ranaut might be one of the most talented heroines in the recent times, but going by her last two releases – Rangoon and Simran, she is not a bankable actor.

Kangana’s new release Simran just managed to earn Rs 10.65 crore over its first weekend. With an estimated budget of over Rs 30 crore, the film might eventually be a loss for its producers.

The ripples effect of Simran’s failure will be felt by Kangana’s under production project The Queen of Jhansi. So this movie was being made on a budget of Rs 80 crore. The producers obviously don’t see it as a viable budget any longer.

Manikarnika Star Cast

  • Kangana Ranaut

Kangana was acting in the role of The Queen of Jhansi. Her corrector in this movie is Rani Laxmibhai.

  • Ankita Lokhande

Her Corrector name in this movie was Jhalkaribai.

  • Sonu Sood as Sadashiv
  • Vaibhav Tatwawaadi as Puran Singh
  • Atul Kulkarni as Tantia Tope

Manikarnika Release Date

Recently Ankita Lokhande revealed her debut Bollywood film, ‘Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi’ will release on August 3, 2018. She also Revealed the First look of Kangana in The Queen of Jhansi.

Manikarnika Hit or Flop

Comming Soon

Boxoffice Collections

Comming soon


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